ELectronic Press Kit

With Rob, you get more than just one artistWhile he is very well known for his solo acoustic performances.  Rob can very often be found playing electric guitar with his band "The Jukebox Assassins" or as a hired gun for any number of local bands and projects.  Feel free to check out the video below.

He's ALSO been called A great Show Creator

Rob is responsible for having created two of his own theater shows that have run and continue to play in the SW Central Florida  area.  The first show a one man,  multimedia,  70 year history of the rock phenomenon and how it affected everything from fashion to society itself told through the eyes of a fan.  That show, is called "Rock n Roll Love Letter".  Please enjoy a small taste of that show in the video below.


The other show that Rob co-created with his musical best friend Paul Crotty is "A Night of Storytellers".  Designed as a very  organic, intimate, night of your favorite songs done completely  stripped down, with an emphasis on harmony vocals.